Golden Fulong

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Keelung Bus Company Limited

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All Tickets are available on the bus. The one-day pass provides unlimited rides on the same day



Bus interval on weekdays:60 minutes

[Departure from Fulong Visitor Center]10:15-17:15

[Departure from Ruifang Railway Station]09:00-16:00

Bus interval on public holidays:30 minutes

[Departure time from Fulong Visitor Center]09:15-17:15

[Departure time from Ruifang Train Station]08:00-16:00



Service Hotline:

Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration:02-24991210

  • Album :
    《The Unforgettable Love Affair》
    Enriched with the flair of the good old days, Ruifang Train Station has an underground street that has two rows of vintage photos and signs in the style of mining caves on its sides. As the upbeat tempo of Ballad of Four Seasons starts to play, the once glorious mining sight and prosperity come back immediately once again, the little town's rich quality of warmness and friendliness are also brought back at once.
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  • Album : 《Taipei – Home beneath
    the Grass Mountain》
    Accompanied by the muttering of solo guitar, let's take a stroll amidst the stone steps in the mountain village of Jiufen, walk alongside the mountains and looking over the ocean, remind oneself of Jiufen's glorious past, and appreciate the beauty of the landscape and the coexisting cultures of the new and old that are laid out before your eyes.
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  • Album :《Ocarina Fantasia》
    Listen to the pure sound of ocarina as it slowly unveils a touching story. It is just like an elderly unhurriedly narrating some story that belongs to long long time ago. Wandering inside the Gold Museum, studying the old Japanese architecture, as well as historical documents, artifacts and stories of mining activities in the past. This Japanese folk ballad brings us back to the once glorious times.
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  • Amidst sounds of a cascading waterfall and splashing water, as they stood before a picturesque scene of golden waters glimmering in sunlight, a guitar melody reminiscent of waterfalls took shape in the minds of the composers, who wrote a song that recreates the breathtaking scenery for its listeners.
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  • Album :《The Sky It Soars
    Through 》
    The abandoned Taiwan Metal Mining Company Refinery's Thirteen Level Site was built by the mountains, which went through the suffering of aging decays and seemed just like a cultural heritage, dispersing a desolate ambiance of the ancient times. At dusk, listen to the bamboo sticks knocking on the strings, wander at the Shui Nan Cave that is situated by the mountains and facing the ocean, look over the change of scenes when the golden setting sun reflecting on the mountains and the sea. Beauty of the land before you are coexistent with and are mutually dependent on the old memories dated way back in history.
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  • The Nanya Rocks are no doubt the best example of weathered rock formations along the northeast coast of Taiwan, a region infused with the sounds of waves splashing against rocks. With its lively melodies and use of percussive fingerstyle, this song will bring listeners into the scenes of Nanya.
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