Golden Fulong

Tour Taiwan Shuttle Bus Tickets

Service Provider:

Keelung Bus Company Limited

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All Tickets are available on the bus. The one-day pass provides unlimited rides on the same day



Bus interval on weekdays:60 minutes

[Departure from Fulong Visitor Center]10:15-17:15

[Departure from Ruifang Railway Station]09:00-16:00

Bus interval on public holidays:30 minutes

[Departure time from Fulong Visitor Center]09:15-17:15

[Departure time from Ruifang Train Station]08:00-16:00



Service Hotline:

Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration:02-24991210

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Cycling + Ocean Jumping + Boating - Excitement at the Northeast Coast, Have Fun on a Budget! Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus Golden Fulong Route, A Great Deal on the Ticket Packs

On this visit to Fulong, I purchased two Taiwan Tourist Shuttle ticket packs. One was for the Fulong Double Rides (NT$299), and the other was for the Longdong Four Seasons Bay Yachting Adventures (NT$499). I felt they were a really good deal. I am looking forward the most to two events on today's itinerary, first is the bike ride, and then the ocean yacht cruise.


Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus-Golden Fulong Route Tour Packages, Program B, Program E

Program B- Fulong Double Rides(NT$299)
★Shuttle Bus(One-Day Pass):The one-day pass is valid for unlimited rides within a single day
★TRA local train Round-Trip Ticket (Taipei-Ruifang-Fulong)
★Coupon for bike rent
★Coupon for a Fulong lunch box
I want to purchase

Program E- Longdong Four Seasons Bay Yachting Adventures(NT$499)
★Shuttle Bus(One-Day Pass): The one-day pass is valid for unlimited rides within a single day
★Longdong Four Seasons Bay Coupon
★Ocean Boating Experience Coupon
(Presentation of four coupons entitles coupon holders to a free 20-minute Ocean Boating Experience)

08:10 Gather at TRA North 1 gate
08:25-09:54 Taipei Railway Station → Fulong Railway Station (train)
10:00-11:30 Bike ride - Old Caoling Tunnel
12:00-12:30 Enjoy a Fulong lunch box
13:15-13:35 Fulong Visitor Center → Longdong Four Seasons Bay (Taiwan Tourist Shuttle)
14:00-14:30 Longdong Four Seasons Bay - Yacht Cruise
14:40-15:30 Longdong Four Seasons Bay - Swim at seawater swimming pool
17:40-18:05 Longdong Four Seasons Bay - Jiufen (Taiwan Tourist Shuttle)
20:05-20:20 Jiufen → Ruifang Railway Station (bus)
21:01-22:35 Ruifang Railway Station → Taipei Railway Station (train)

Fulong, here we come!
This was our first time purchasing the ticket packs. At the ticket check gate the station attendant stamped our tickets. That was really interesting.

We rode a local train to Fulong which took about an hour. We were fortunate to ride in the Oh-Bear cart. Everyone released their inner girl spirit and took photos of every detail inside the cart. The cutest pose was probably Oh-Bear using binoculars. I really hope that Oh-Bear can one day be like Kumamon and be marketed around the world.

Once we arrived in Fulong, we went to find the You Yuan Ren Bicycle Rental shop, which was right by the 7-Eleven store on the main street. The rental didn't cost anything because we had coupons. We all chose lady's bikes for added convenience, because these bikes had baskets in front to carry stuff, which allowed us to access cameras more easily.

This was my second experience cycling through the Old Caoling Tunnel. I think this is an excellent bike route, an enjoyable ride with beautiful scenery. Inside the tunnel, the old Taiwanese nursery rhyme "Diudiutong" (lit. Drip-drop) is played on the speakers, which made me feel light on my feet, and made me think back to the old days when trains used to go through this tunnel.

The weathered inscription at the tunnel entrance possessed a sense of beauty. We looked at the words for some time but couldn't figure out their meaning. Luckily an information sign nearby explained their meaning.

Northern entrance inscription - Zhitianxian

Southern entrance inscription - White Clouds Fly

After riding a distance on an open road, we entered the tunnel. A cool and peaceful sensation came over me. Coming here on a week day made the whole tunnel seem wider and emptier. You can feel the wrinkles of time, and leisurely take photos at your own pace.

Week days are so relaxing! The entire tunnel was our private photo studio, and we were able to capture every scenic spot we wanted, such as the tunnel entrance, old landmarks, and the New Taipei City/Yilan County border sign.

Once we exited the tunnel, the hot summer feeling returned once again. A vast blue ocean welcomed us, and the Gueishan Island was straight ahead. The scenery here at Shicheng Scenic Area is truly breathtaking.

We started to feel hungry after riding for some time. A lunch box is included in the ticket pack; it's not just any lunch box, but the famous Fulong lunch box. The name of the store was "Faji Fulong Train Lunchboxes".

The main feature of Fulong lunch boxes is that they provide very generous portions. The box is filled with lots of food for hungry tourists to fill their stomachs. For starving cyclists like us, we ate the very last drop.

Since we were in Fulong it was unthinkable not to take a nice stroll on the beach. However, we didn't plan to go into the scenic part of the beach that required an entrance ticket today, so we headed to the free beach at Seaside Park. We made a left turn after passing the 7-Eleven store, following signs for the YMCA and Dongxing Temple to get there.

Although the surroundings and publics facilities were not as good as the scenic beach, we were happy just to be able to look at the ocean and feel the sand between our toes. We stayed for about half an hour, then we moved on.

The bus stop for the Golden Fulong Route is located right in front of the Visitor's Center, and it is a nice place to wait for a bus with some artistic landscapes for us to take some photos. Riding on the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle gives you the feeling of being a traveler. Every stop is a scenic spot, and as you arrive at each stop you no longer feel a sense of being lost. As soon as you get off the bus, you are standing right at your long-awaited destination.

Every time I come to the northeast coast, I would pass some beautiful white structures on the North Coastal Highway, which means I've arrived at Longdong Four Seasons Bay, but I've never actually entered the place. On this trip, to be able to visit Four Season Bay and take a yacht cruise makes me feel super excited.

When we arrived at the marina, we saw two decorative whales which we thought were super-cute. This is the cutest marina I have ever seen. Ta-da! We have arrived at today's main event. My very first ocean yacht cruise!

I was in the navy, so I was familiar with a variety of military vessels. I was involved with reconnaissance patrols and faced all kinds of rough waves, but I was really looking forward to experiencing the speed of the yacht.

The ride lasted for about 20 minutes, and four passengers were required before the yacht could depart, remember to book your reservations one week in advance. The life jackets were brand new, so this looked like a new activity at the Longdong Boat Harbor. I felt like the star of a TV show when I stepped onto the boat, feeling very disconnected to my past life. I never expected that it was so easy to sit down and enjoy a whole new world of ocean adventures.

Once you are out on the sea, you realize that the speed of the boat is quite impressive. The captain took us to several nearby scenic spots, seeing the views from the ocean gave me a different feeling. On land they may just be a sign, but from the sea you can really see the entire scenic view. If you get the chance you must take a look at our islands from the sea.

The captain told us that if we get the chance, we should take a boat to tour the entire east coast. He has sailed as far as Taitung, where he saw about four schools of dolphin, as well as the magnificent and precipitous cliffs, the same place that lead the Portuguese to exclaim "ilha formosa".

In such a small boat, sitting at the front and at the back had a totally different feel. When you sit at the front, you feel like you are riding the wind and bouncing on the waves, sitting in the back you feel like you're drifting in a sports car with momentary losses of gravity. You can switch seats to get the feel of different levels of excitement.

Unfortunately the winds were calm with no waves today. The captain said he did his best to provide us with the full experience, and he had us screaming quite a few times by drifting the yacht. He also said if we had the chance we should come back when the waves are stronger.

With our boating experience coming to an end, we moved on to the seawater swimming pool at Four Seasons Bay. This is a nice pool which on first sight will remind you of the seawater swimming pool at Heping Island. This pool has been renovated with a layer of stones on the bottom instead of natural reef, but there are still plenty of tropical fish swimming around.

So if you wear swimming goggles, you can chase the fish around and dive into a brilliant underwater world.

Cycling in the morning, swimming in the afternoon, if we also went for a run we could call it a triathlon.

For the evening activity, it was time for us to relax, so we headed to Jiufen to enjoy a big meal.

The weekend crowd at Jiufen is too much for me to handle, but of course for regular office workers they don't have a choice. Visiting on a weeknight, we could feel the quiet warmth of the night. Walking in this flourishing hillside town, eating a bowl of taro ball soup, staring into the empty sky, Jiufen may be over-commercialized, but the Jiufen I saw today was a place that provided me with quiet energy.

As we reached the end of our itinerary in Jiufen, all that was left was to catch the bus to Ruifang and take the train to go back to Taipei! I highly recommend taking advantage of these discount ticket packs before the end of September, to experience the mountains and the ocean at the northeast coast!

Travel date: September 3, 2015